HOTELS is a Zakopane-based hotel booking and general travel enqiries website. Unlike many other, much larger, international hotel booking sites, we're actually located in the heart of Zakopane, with staff who know the area intimately, and look forward to sharing their knowledge.

Why book with us?

We're not affiliated to any hotel chain. All the hotels on our site are independently chosen by us as representing the very best quality hotels in Zakopane. You'll get straightforward and impartial advice when it comes to choosing your hotel.

All our hotels are located in Zakopane's stunning Old Town, so you won't find yourself stuck in some unattractive place to stay miles from the city.

Our regular bookings with the various hotels means that we can offer savings on prices you'd pay if you booked directly with the hotels themselves. Such savings can be substantial particularly with group bookings and longer stays.

We'll go the extra distance to find accommodation for visitors looking to stay in these fine hotels, even when the hotels themselves are apparently fully booked!

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you make the best of your stay in Zakopane.


The Zakopane Hotel Guide team

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